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Why ecovillages?
Why do I expedition

Hallingelille – Denmark
Munksogard – Denmark
Svanholm – Denmark
Fri of Fro – Denmark
Makvarket – Denmark
Dyssekilde – Denmark
Suderbyn – Sweden
Charlottendal – Sweden
Solbyn – Sweden
Nieuwelaan – Netherlands
Small Footprint – Estonia
Katajamaki – Finland
Vaunumaki – Finland
Solbacka – Finland
Majvik – Finland

Ecovillage aspects/projects:
Refugee project in Hallingelille
Dementia project in Hallingelille
Heating technologies in Danish ecovillages
Ownership structures in Danish ecovillages
NGO RELEARN in Suderbyn
Holding a sharing circle
Growing people in Small Footprint
Ecological gardening
Reflection of GEN conference 2018