Healing at Katajamäki

I stayed one week in Katajamäki community in central Finland. This was a very inspiring place for me and I felt at home in the community which has existed since the early nineties and where many people have contributed to creating a powerful and inspiring community space. Katajamäki is located on the grounds of an … Continue reading Healing at Katajamäki


Frontrunners of free, ecological lifestyles in Vaunumaki

For two weeks I was welcomed in Vaunumaki community in Southern Finland. This was a valuable experience to me of a young, determined initiative for communal and sustainable living. Vaunumaki is Finnish for wagon hill and it is currently a community of three families. The families knew each other for many years and had been … Continue reading Frontrunners of free, ecological lifestyles in Vaunumaki

Small Footprint ecovillage Estonia

For over a month I lived in Small Footprint ecovillage, in Estonian called Väike Jalajälg, a community of around 10 adults and some children. The initiators came together around five years ago to live in community with a small ecological footprint and they envisioned to also function as inspiration and training centre for sustainable lifestyles. … Continue reading Small Footprint ecovillage Estonia

Ecological gardening in Small Footprint ecovillage

Spending a lot of hours helping out in the permaculture gardens of Small Footprint ecovillage, Estonia, I learned a bit about their practices for ecological gardening. While weeding, preparing vegetable beds and transplanting tomato’s, I talked with Merili, one of the community inhabitants who runs and plans the gardens. I got reminded of how simple … Continue reading Ecological gardening in Small Footprint ecovillage

‘Growing people’ in an ecovillage

Ecovillages can offer their community, their land and their practices to create meaningful experiences for individuals from around the world. A beautiful example of this was the volunteer program hosted last May by Small Footprint ecovillage in Estonia. Funded by the European Solidarity Corps, twelve international youths came to live and participate in the ecovillage … Continue reading ‘Growing people’ in an ecovillage

Pioneering ecological living in Lithuania

It is exciting to witness the brink of new projects. Sitting on bare pieces of land dreaming about all the possibilities there are and drawing the outlines of future houses between the weeds. To imagine the beauty of a future ecovillage filled with flowers, permaculture gardens and self-sufficient houses with smiling people walking through them … Continue reading Pioneering ecological living in Lithuania