Promoting sustainable lifestyles from Suderbyn ecovillage

During my stay at Suderbyn I got to know the NGO called RELEARN which is run by some of the ecovillage inhabitants together with volunteers and aims to promote ecological lifestyles and social sustainability through education and research. The NGO is housed at the ecovillage, which creates the unique opportunity that many individuals can actually … Continue reading Promoting sustainable lifestyles from Suderbyn ecovillage


Suderbyn ecovillage – an overview

The beautiful island of Gotland houses a lively community where endless enthusiasm and strong ideals of the inhabitants and volunteers are driving the development of their ecovillage. With a name (meaning southern village) referring to the sunny and mild climate on Gotland compared to the rest of Sweden, Suderbyn offers a fertile ground for experiments … Continue reading Suderbyn ecovillage – an overview