Small Footprint ecovillage Estonia

For over a month I lived in Small Footprint ecovillage, in Estonian called Väike Jalajälg, a community of around 10 adults and some children. The initiators came together around five years ago to live in community with a small ecological footprint and they envisioned to also function as inspiration and training centre for sustainable lifestyles. … Continue reading Small Footprint ecovillage Estonia


Ecological gardening in Small Footprint ecovillage

Spending a lot of hours helping out in the permaculture gardens of Small Footprint ecovillage, Estonia, I learned a bit about their practices for ecological gardening. While weeding, preparing vegetable beds and transplanting tomato’s, I talked with Merili, one of the community inhabitants who runs and plans the gardens. I got reminded of how simple … Continue reading Ecological gardening in Small Footprint ecovillage